Immigration Services

In our office we provide legal services our customers need, and do it effectively and cost considered. Our office specializes in all types of migratory affairs. We work with hundreds of people throughout the United States to solve their problems of immigration and nationality.

Family-Based Applications

Immigration Court Cases

  • Bond Hearings
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Political Asylum
  • Domestic Violence (VAWA)
  • Status Adjustment
  • Pardons
  • Appeals

Criminal Cases

We can represent you in any criminal case in court, it is important to understand your rights and that we can remove or reduce the charges to not affect your immigration case. We help and advise you so that you do not lose your residence for criminal offenses. Our experience gives our customers the peace of mind that they deserve.

Types of Criminal Cases

  • DUI (Driving/Alcohol)
  • Drugs Possession
  • Domestic Violence
  • Arrests
  • Theft
  • Felonies and Crimes
  • Carry Firearms
  • Fights and public disorder

Representation in Court

  • Maricopa County Court
  • Phoenix Municipal Court
  • Mesa Municipal Court
  • Valley’s Municipal Courts
  • Federal Courts
  • Entry after deportation